Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looking Back

Tucked in the back of a seldom-opened closet was a box of our son's toys from the 1970's.  I put everything on display and took this photo to see what he was interested in keeping.  He responded that he totally remembered all of those toys and wanted to keep all.  He still has a wooden toy chest that his dad made for him years ago and these will be added to the toys he already has.  One of the things of which I was reminded was that Legos used to be a set of pieces that could be used to make a variety of structures, taken apart, and remade into something entirely different.  Today's sets seem to make one thing that either has to be remade as before or, as in the case of our grandson, kept intact and put on display.      I have to admit that a lot of memories came rushing back when I opened that box of toys.  Now to see what he decided about the metal truck, fire engine and tractor.

1 comment:

  1. I love toys and those are vintage and still in great condition. What great memories they must have brought back. Those sure were the good ole days. I bet he keeps the metal truck, fire engine and tractor, too.