Thursday, September 12, 2013


While having breakfast on the back patio last week I looked across the lawn into the vegetable garden and thought how much this cabbage resembled a flower.  I decided to take a photo to prove it and share the beauty.  (It didn't hurt that it had just received some water so had some water drops on the leaves for added interest.)  You didn't miss those, did you?

This plant has been growing since last February if I remember correctly and it is a good example that if we keep with something long enough good results will be produced.  As I purge and pack and do a little cleaning I need that reminder as the daily progress doesn't seem like nearly enough and there seems to be so much yet to do.  But I will persevere and get it all done.  The house will be sold and we'll move on to the next chapter in our lives.     And if things work out, I'll be making slaw and cabbage soup and cabbage rolls . . . .

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