Monday, September 2, 2013

Had a Break

This is far from the best photo I've ever posted but I wanted to show you that I did something besides purging and packing this weekend.  We were already signed up for a trip to Denver on the Zephyr as docents so we fulfilled our obligation.

The photo is dark but that's the kind of day it was and there's reflections from the window but that's what I get when I try to take a photo on the train.  Mostly I have to tend to business and can only get a quick look out the window or I'm searching for something specific that we need to talk about.  But it's a beautiful trip and the train passes through several fantastic canyons and occasionally I try for a photo.  This one was taken in Gore Canyon.

We hear there is a Trails and Rails program between Portland and Seattle and we may look into volunteering after we are moved and settled in.  I'm sounding pretty optimistic, huh?!

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