Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Is In The Air

It was another bonus for getting boxes for packing.  My local grocery store put out this beautiful fall display to advertise their merchandise.  It was a really bright spot and a reminder that the days are changing.  I don't mind because each season has it's own special feel and special contribution to my life.   The display reminded me of the many autumn displays we saw on out trip to the east coast several (many!) years ago where people went all out with displays of flowers, pumpkins, corn stalks, etc. on their porches and in their yards.  That hasn't quite caught on in the west but there's a lot more fervor over Halloween.      And see how full of blossoms those mums are?  I see others grow them that way in their gardens and get mine are spindly and far apart.  It's a reminder that I didn't inherit my mother's green thumb.  I'll stick to stamping my flowers and pumpkins.

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