Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Little Jaunt

We had another little jaunt this week and went to Dinosaur for lunch.  That's going about 20 miles west and then about 70 miles north and another 20 miles from Rangely to Dinosaur.  There was a second reason for this craziness--we wanted to say hello to camera club friends who own a little sandwich/ice cream/espresso shop in Dinosaur.  More about that later.

This is a view of the bookcliffs through which we passed on our way north.  They run east and west from Grand Junction to Green River, 120 miles more or less.  Although I don't really consider them "mountains," (they look more like mesas to me)  they are said to be the only mountain range in the US that runs east and west.

It was a good excuse to take another break from the purging and packing.

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