Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine Time

I always look forward to making valentines.  And my "go to's" are lace, ribbon and hearts.  This year I went with a non-traditonal color scheme in the purple family and each card made use of an envelope punch board.  When I first heard of these boards, I wasn't really interested in using it for making envelopes, though it is well designed and easy.  When I discovered it could be used for file folder cards, boxes, bags, etc.  I was suddenly very intrested.

The cards can be quite versatile as to where the tabs are placed, the card orientation, etc.  I'll show some of the different things I came up with in the coming days.  This was has tabs on the card front and back as well as the pull-out card.  I covered the tabs with washi tape.  The sides of the card are adhered to form a pocket and I embellished with a die cut heart and flowers, lace and ribbon.

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