Monday, February 17, 2014

Icy Cold

It took us six hours to drive from Bend to Portland OR thanks to a winter storm featuring falling snow and wind.  And it took as long to travel across the city as it took to get there with traffic moving at less than five miles an hour.  But I can be patient as long as we move forward. Drivers were cautious and courteous which makes it more pleasant and certainly much safer.  That was on February 6.  The following day brought more snow and then freezing rain and the city shut down. I'm wondering how it came to be that I've been in Portland for their last three ice storms.  hmmm The kids took this rare opportunity to go sledding, easily accomplished with hills in their neighborhood.  We cancelled our "girls" trip to Seattle to the American Girl Doll store and also cancelled our planned viewing of houses and just hunkered down for the duration.  Fortunately we timed it right for our travel back to Colorado and experienced only a bit of snowy winter weather.  Although the trip wasn't what we had anticipated, we had a good time and were relieved to reach our destinations safely.  Our house is still for sale.

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