Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nothing Ventured . . .

I've recently got caught up in using a gelli plate and stencils.  It's great messy fun and creates some artsy backgrounds for journal pages and cards.  I made my own gelli plate (more about that later) and I've even made a simple stencil or two (and purchased new ones).

Shown here are some basic supplies (minus the stencils and plate):    thick acrylic paint, (I figured with the three primary colors I could create any color my heart desired) embossing paste, low tack tape, sponges, color sprays, baby wipes and brayer.  I guess the phone is there because I did some YouTube research but I'd highly recommend keeping it a long ways away from your play area as the paint just sort of flies.

For putting the creations to use I managed to complete some greeting cards and will be showing those in the coming days.

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