Sunday, November 18, 2012

Them's Berries

Does seeing blueberries remind you of a dog?  We had Taffy, a Springer Spaniel, when we lived in Alaska.  Blueberries were plentiful in the area and since they were big, delicious and easy to pick, we tried to collect them when we could.  But because the black bear in the area also loved them, we took our dog with us as a guard as we picked.  A lot of good that did us though.  She was so busy picking berries from the bottom of the bushes that guard duties were the last thing on her mind.  We suspected that if she got a whiff of a bear that overpowered the taste of the succulent berries, she'd make a run for the car without issuing any warning.  She was quite a sight with blue-stained lips and teeth but she went home happy, never realizing she had a serious duty to perform.

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