Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World Traveler

Perhaps you heard a rumor that I was in Africa.  It's true!  My husband and I had an amazing adventure and are now processing our many photos to prepare a photo presentation.  So we'll leave Leadville for a while and I'll take you to Africa.

I knew for sure I had arrived in Africa when we saw giraffe grazing in a field right near the airport.  We saw all kinds of animals and today I'm sharing the first animal we saw after entering the Samburu National Park - an ostrich.  They are HUGE and appear to be rather unbalanced but they get along just fine.  Saw an ostrich eggshell somewhere and it was about the size of a cantalope.  Here's a photo of the little ostrichs, too.  They certainly blend into the background so should be quite safe from predators.  I wouldn't think there are many animals who would approach that big mama!

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