Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Standing Tall

This is the Reticulated Giraffe which we saw in Samburu National Park along with all the other animals and birds I've shown so far.  Later you'll see two other types of giraffe, each of which lives in a different area of Kenya.

This big boy has 11 vertebra in his neck and is most vulnerable when he has to drop his head to drink water.  That's a lot of weight and it isn't easy to lift it in a hurry.  That's when the hyenas strike.  We saw and held one of the femur bones in Nairobi and it is big and heavy which makes for a pretty good weapon.

It feeds 16-20 hours a day so that's pretty much a full-time activity.  We saw some at night and they were munching away.

Later we'll see a Rothchild and Masai giraffe.  They all have distinctive markings and some variations in their horns.

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