Friday, November 4, 2011

Door Number Four

As you can see from the position of the door handle, this fancy door is a very high one.  One has to wonder why such an unusual door was selected and where it was made.  It appears that, regardless of the height, it has only two hinges.

Today I decided to show you an entirely different photo from Leadville CO.  Our primary purpose in visiting was to ride the local train to view fall foliage.  The foliage hadn't really changed color yet but it was still a great ride.  This is the engine that pulled 10 cars up the mountains.  The caboose lead the way up and the engine led the way back.  In other words, the train didn't turn around.  While on the train there were beautiful views up and down the valley as well as views of the mountain peaks  of the mountains we traveled on.  They had a covering of fresh snow on the highest peaks.

We opted to ride in the completely open car which got a little chilly at the end when snow, followed by rain, started to fall.  But we still felt it was prime seating.

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