Friday, November 18, 2011

Not My Favorite

There are various types of primates in Africa.  These are on the small side (I don't know specifically what kind they are) and they were running around in the camp.  We stayed in tent camps (quite luxurious as you'll see later) and there was always a string to knot to hold the zipper pulls together so the monkeys couldn't get inside the tent.  I was always sure the string was tied as I certainly didn't want them taking things.  I also have a personal aversion to monkey after being "attacked" by some when I was about 14 years old.  A friend and I were walking through the park when the monkeys from the zoo ran at us and started squawking and jumping on us.  One of us had a paper bag and they tore that open and started taking things out.  The zoo keeper (who let them out while he cleaned cages) chased them off with a broom eventually.  We weren't hurt but it obviously left a long-term impression.  

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