Sunday, November 17, 2013


These are the states we pass through as we make our way from CO to OR to visit family.  I often wonder how much thought goes into each design and what they try to convey.  OR wants us to know the shape of their state; UT wants us to see a lot of color and know that they have a motto; and ID is just plain Idaho.  The UT sign changes fairly frequently and they had a special one when they hosted the Winter Olympics. The photo of the OR sign is unusual because it is almost always raining when we arrive in OR yet this time it was sunny and bright.  At least we always know when we've crossed into another state and I guess that's the primary goal of these signs.

We've made this trip around 40 times over the past 15 years (plus a few extras when we flew).  That represents almost a month of my lifetime in a car (27.5 days) and a total coverage of 42,362 miles--just going one direction.  Since I always came back home, I have to double that for the total time and mileage.  Whew!  No wonder I want to move closer.  I'm getting too old for this type of travel.

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