Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Birthday Outing

My husband and I took a trip about 100 miles south to Ouray on my birthday.  One of our goals was to relax in the hot springs pool.  As you 
can see, there weren't many sharing the pool with us which was an added benefit.  I spent my 
time on this end of the pool where the water

was the warmest, 170 degrees.  The sun was shining and it was nice to look up at those towering mountain peaks.

Nearby was a small pond where large goldfish thrived.  They shared the pond with a number of turtles.  I felt like the Pied Piper as I walked along the edge of the pond and all those fish followed me.  I didn't even have any food for them.  I'll have to plan better next time since food is available at the pool.

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