Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tea Time

 Judy and Alison joined me for High Tea at Augusta's Tea Room last Thursday and we had a most enjoyable time.

There was an elegant assortment of treats and more than we could eat.  Scones came in two flavors and there were multiple flavors of beautiful cookies.  The gingerbread cupcakes made a nice ending but perhaps our favorite of all was the creamcheese/rosemary/nut sandwiches.

The assortment of fruit was also tasty - flavorful strawberries, juicy green grapes and sweet cutie oranges.

Alison enjoyed cinnamon tea while Judy and I shared both a pomegranate and caramel,  pomegranate our favorite by a wide margin.

It was a fun experience and one everyone should try when in Grand Junction.

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