Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's All About The Kids


More than 100 come together in December.  They are varied - some in leathers and some not; female and male; young and old.  There’s the burley, tough-looking group and the clean-
cut professional-looking crowd.  Many are wearing Santa hats.  Some ride alone.  Some have a passenger.  They are laughing and 
having a good time together.  And they are supporting a great cause - Toys For Tots.

The bikes are piled with stuffed animals, dolls and other toys.
Some have other festive touches like garland or miniature wreaths.
The chrome shines and the engines emit that typical motorcycle
roar.  Their presence is known and they are welcomed.

They pass through town as a group, two or three bikes abreast. 
There’s a police escort and intersections are cleared.  It’s well
organized and the riders are cheered.  They wave to the crowd.

Motorcyclists don’t always have a good reputation but in this case
they are revealing their tender, caring side and are making a 
totally awesome contribution!

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