Monday, August 6, 2012

Road Trip

You can see some unusual sights when you travel our highways.  We traveled through UT and NV on our way to CA a couple weeks ago.  We went west on I-80 and returned home on Hwy 50, "The Loneliest Highway in America."  The photos are actually in reverse order of how we saw them but that's not important.  The top photo was an interesting shop in Austin NV on Hwy 50.  The second photo is a little car that the railroad workers used to use when doing maintenance.  We called it a "putt putt" car.  It is possible to own one of these cars (where you get one I have no idea) and if you join a club, you are allowed certain times when you have access to the rails.  Now I think that sounds pretty fun.  There was have been a meeting somewhere in the area because we saw two of these fairly close together on I-80.  The last photo is a sculpture in the middle of nowhere near the Bonneville Speedway where all those cars are tested.  The area is very flat and there ins't much of a chance that a speeding car would run into anything, except maybe a distracted bird or a wandering coyote.  But I've never heard of that happening.  I bet you've seen some equally interesting things when you've traveled.  It's part of the fun and breaks up the time.  These photos are "drive by shooting" and I'm always a little amazed that they turn out as well as they do.

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