Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Plum Perfection

I did an exploration in color by going straight to Mother Nature.  I figure she has had a lot of experience and knows what works together.  My subject matter was a plum from our tree (Italian plum I believe).  Not only are they delicious (except for the skin which I don't eat), they have a wide range of color.  I cut one in half and took a photo of both the outside and inside.  Then I ate the cut plum (but that has nothing at all to do with the exploration at hand).

In PhotoShop Elements I picked six colors from the plum using both the inside and outside and created the palette you see in the first image.  I printed that out and headed to my studio to see how well I could match some colors and I felt I came pretty close.  But I felt I had to go one step further and actually put them together in a design to check the cohesiveness.

The third image shows the completed design but unfortunately the colors in the photo don't really match the actual card and I was unable to correct that so you'll have to take my word that the cream color actually has more of a yellow cast and the plum color actually has more red.  As long as I was showing you the design, I thought I'd also show you what I put inside since it coordinates so well.  I often just put text on the inside so you are getting a real treat.

So I consider this to have been a good way to select a color palette as well as a good excuse to try the new doily image.  I just wish I had been better able to capture the actual colors in the cardstock.

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