Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Road Trip

UT and NV are a lot alike as one blends into the other.  Heading west we traveled on I-80 and coming back home we were on Hwy 50 but the countryside looked much the same either way.

There's a lllllooooonnnnggg stretch of straight road, then you come to a little mountain pass (see those mountains in the far distance?) then there's another lllllooooonnnnngggg stretch of straight road.  And there's hardly anything to see.

But the sky changed quite a bit and we went in and out of rain.  This last image is taken near Bonneville Raceway and it's unique only because it looks white with the salt.

I've been on much more scenic (and otherwise interesting) highways and interstates!  I had to create some entertainment so its no wonder I'm taking my chances with "drive by shooting."  

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