Sunday, January 19, 2014

Layout From Book Cover

At the bookstore I discovered:

Layouts for cards

The photo is pretty lousy but I wasn't after great photography at the time.  I merely wanted to record ideas.  The first card (upper right) is a pretty literal translation of the design in color and layout except that I changed the orientation. And I spiced it up with some flowers. The second card (lower right) is pretty much the same layout but entirely different colors. With all the patterns in the paper, I didn't think it needed much embellishment.  I die cut the banner for the text to add a bit of dimension.  Black strips between the panels were added after the panels were in place and they covered a multitude of sins.

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  1. Your curiosity is inspirational! No matter where you go, your keen eyes are always on the lookout. The 'finds' make a mundane day exciting. I love your blog!