Friday, April 26, 2013


There's great sculptures all over town, thanks primarily to our "Art On The Corner" program.  Each spring new art is installed at many areas on Main Street and during the summer some are sold to various individuals and businesses.  I found this stallion at the Visitor Center and thought he was quite handsome.  Maybe he represents the herd of wild mustangs that roam free on top of the bookcliffs to the north of town.

The mustangs are monitored by volunteers who are responsible for their well-being -  administering medications when needed, supplementing food, pruning the herd, etc.  All of the mustangs have a name and the lineage is also tracked.  I bet that's a lot more information than you wanted but there it is.

And just so I'm honest, I took the sculpture out of the background in which it was photographed and "pasted" it onto the cloud backgound.  It shows much, much better.

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