Sunday, October 28, 2012

WY Open Spaces

My husband and I traveled to South Dakota a month ago.  We went east to Denver and then pretty much north from there until we headed east again to get to Lead.

WY and SD have big skies and lots and lots of open area.  It seems to go on forever but there's quite a bit to look at, too.  This is a fairly typical scene, though structures are few and far between.  They don't show well on the photo, but there are also cattle to the back on the right hand side.

This was "drive by shooting," meaning I just took a shot out the window without stopping the car.  It's my form of entertainment when I'm not driving.  I haven't tried it while I'm driving as I suspect that would diminish our chances for a safe arrival at our destination.  Anyway, my mind is well occupied when I'm driving so there isn't a need.

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