Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yikes! It Could Have Been Bad!

I don't recall what type of tree this is, but our guide told us it was a "bad tree" because it has a shallow root system and when it rains a lot, it falls over.  That isn't exactly what happened in this case - "just" a couple of branches snapped off.  It happened in the evening hours, just before dinner was due to be served.  You can see the food set up outside which was unusual.  And see those tree trunks on the right?  Some of our group were sitting on those listening to a musician play a guitar and sing.  Fortunately we weren't among them, but although one man was caught under the branches, he wasn't hurt.  Other scrambled out of the way.  It sounded like fire-works when it fell and my first thought was "Why didn't they tell us there was going to be fireworks?!"

The branches didn't interfere with the food, nor did it catch on fire from the fire pit that was to the right.  And no one was hurt.  It could have been much worse.

The second photo shows the branches from a different angle the next morning.  The camp manager apologized repeatedly and assured us that a chain saw would be used to remove the entire tree as soon as our group left camp.

There was adventure everywhere!

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