Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mode of Transportation

The Kenya roads were narrow and often is disrepair.  But they were shared by all kinds of vehicles from trucks to cars to vans to Mopeds and bikes and sometimes animals.  There were lots of people walking and, judging by where they were, they walked long distances.  Footwear was everything from dress shoes to sneakers to waterproof boots.  We often came to road blocks where the police checked the local vehicles for safety compliance, though we never had to stop for them.  At each side of the towns there were major speed bumps to slow things down.

To see the vehicles loaded down was not uncommon and the people carried all kinds of different merchandise.  Sometimes the ladies carried big piles on their heads.

I thought that Americans could take a clue from the Kenyans and do more walking.  I haven't acted on it but still think it's a good idea . . .

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