Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Was A Privilege

We recently had the opportunity to go on a tour to Square Tour in Mesa Verde National Park.  The first photo  is the typical view from but as the second photo shows, we were right down to it for a very personal view.  I've always wanted to get down there and when special tours were offered for a limited time this fall, I jumped at the chance.  The dwelling hasn't been open to the public since the 1940's and only 10 were allowed in a tour.  That's why it felt like such a privilege.  My husband worked in the park for 10 years and he hadn't even been down the trail.  The trail has three 20' ladders and some "rustic" steps in rock so it's a bit strenuous and but certainly worth the physical effort.

That's the tallest tower in the park and Square Tower dwelling contains the only kiva (photo 3) that has the original roof.  It served as the model for rebuilding kivas in other dwellings.  Notice the "crow's nest" in the upper right of the second photo.  That isn't even visible in the typical view.

There's a second dwelling around the corner from this one that isn't visible from any trail.  If they extend this tour and include that dwelling, you'll find me down there again - if I'm still physically able.

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