Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yellowstone National Park

From Teton National Park one can just drive almost directly north into Yellowstone National Park which is just what we did.  I figured I might as well start with my photo of Old Faithful who is quite playful.  She blows about every 90 minutes now and the schedule is posted for plus or minus 10 minutes with a time based on the previous eruption.  It was late for us but we didn't mind as it was a spectacular show.  There's always steam coming from the vent and then occasionally there's a small eruption to make you think it's the "real thing."  And then it's back to steam.  But when the time is right the water whooshes into the air at an amazing height and volume.  Despite having seen it several times over the years, I'm still amazed.  It's an incredible sight.

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