Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduation Time

I procrastinated a bit on this one but there was also the question of parking near the university.  I had decided to give the high school graduate a gift card from the bookstore so she could select what she wanted rather than me deciding for her.  She was coming for registration anyway.  So I arranged by phone for the gift card (the online service didn't work for some reason) and they said the cashier's would know it was purchased.  I needed some sort of presentation and came up with the idea of this origami box.  It started with an 8.5 inch square of paper which turned out to be just right for the little explanation I typed, rolled and secured with ribbon.  I added washi tape as ribbon, thinking it would make opening the box simpler.  The flower was cut electronically as was the leaf but I added a bit of dimension using a stylus.  I stamped the text but, shucks, had to cut that by hand.  I tucked it under the flower and added a few little pearls to match the pearl in the center of the flower.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful idea. The box itself is a pretty gift.