Friday, February 22, 2013

Ladies Time

As a Christmas gift, I planned for myself, my daughter and my granddaughter to each create a necklace.  I wrapped up a kit containing some chain, beads, charms, etc. and also indicated that the gift included a shopping trip so they could pick out other things they wanted to include in their necklace.  Since our "Christmas" trip was cancelled, the gift wasn't opened until early February when we were finally able to be together.

The shopping was fun and they added mostly charms to the collection.  We set aside an evening where we all worked on our projects and we made good progress.  However, it was difficult to schedule another time when we were all available so they were completed individually but they were all done before I had to return home.

Each necklace was unique and personal and very different from the others and it was a fun ladies event.  This is mine.  My necklace is shown.

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