Friday, May 13, 2011

The Glory of Former Days

On Saturday, May 7, the old Grand Junction train station was open for National Train Day.  The first photo shows the interior of the building in it's full glory as built in 1906.  The depot was proclaimed for it's beauty.

The second photo is the current ceiling.  It is in sad shape an needs a lot of restoration work.

The third photo shows a portion of the wall and ceiling.  The walls also need a lot of help to be restored.  It's my guess that one of the private owners started the restoration by tearing out portions of the building and I can easily imagine that it was a daunting task.  But the floor and wooden seats are still in pretty good shape!

The depot is for sale and "Friends of the Grand Junction Depot"  are raising funds.  Hopefully one day the station can be restored to its original beauty.

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